Best credit cards for students in India|Credit Card Comparison

Best credit cards for students in India|Credit Card Comparison

Most students didn’t take Credit Cards, but nowadays students start to maintain their CIBIL Score in their teenage years. Maintaining it early helps in the long term financially. A good CIBIL Score helps in the process of loans. Higher the score higher are the chances to get the approval. Most students don’t take out loans. Majority loans are taken by the parents for their children.

There is no such usage of a credit card for students as nowadays Debit Cards offer a lot of benefits too. Credit Card requires a Fix Deposit and also a bill to be paid timely. So as a student it is more advised if one focuses on studies now and when he has a job, credit card companies will come running at your doorstep. On the contrary it is also necessary to organized and well aware of the hurdles you face while using a credit card. The earlier you start the more familiar you get.

There are many banks who offer credit cards. Every bank has its own criteria and benefits. The top most are as follows


SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card
Eligibility Criteria

  1. No Annual and Renewal Fee
  2. Exclusive Credit card for students
  3. Maintaining a fixed deposit is mandatory
  4. No income proof is required
  1. 1RP for every Rs. 100 spent.
  2. Fuel perks
  3. Student loan is available
  4. Grocery perks 10x RP
  5. Withdraw 80% of the Fixed Deposit
  6. EMI available on bill payment


Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card
Eligibility Criteria

  1. No Annual Renewal Fee
  2. Account in Axis and Fixed deposit of 20k
  1. 6RP on every Rs200 spent
  2. 1% Fuel surcharge
  3. 100% withdraw of the Fixed Deposit
  4. 15% dining discount on selected


Kotak Silk Inspire CC
Eligibility Criteria

  1. 599 joining and renewal Fee
  2. Minimum 50k Fixed deposit


  • 1RP on every Rs. 100 spent
  • 5x RP on Apparel shopping
  • 1% fuel surcharge
  • Withdraw 80% of Fixed Deposit


Kotak 811#Dream Different Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria

  1. No joining renewal fee
  2. Minimum 15k Fixed Deposit
  1. 500 bonus point on Rs 5000 in first 45 days
  2. Fuel and railway surcharge


All four of these credit cards have their own different perks and attractions but among the above Credit Cards I would recommend the SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card because it offers student loan which is much of a necessity for the students. Getting a loan can be quite hectic and would require a lot of trouble for a student who is financially weak but with the SBI card one has a high chance of availing the loan to fulfil the education requirements. Moreover, SBI also offers perks on fuel and grocery as well as the option EMI bill payment which is quite convenient. Having the option to withdraw 80% of the fixed deposit is also a life savior. Further it doesn’t have any joining or Renewal Fee along with the exclusion of the income proof.

In this article we got to know about the Best credit cards for students in India|Credit Card Comparison. As a whole the SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card is a full student Credit Card giving reward on each Rs.100 spent.

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