How to Change Registered Mobile Number in HDFC Bank Account

HDFC Bank Account users can change mobile number registered in HDFC Bank account through three ways. They can either submit HDFC Mobile Number Change Form, Update the HDFC Bank Net Banking contact information or visit nearest HDFC ATM. The procedure to change mobile number in HDFC Bank account is given below in a step by step guide format.


Fill Mobile Number Change Form Online to Update Contact Details in HDFC Bank

This is the basic method that allows you update HDFC Bank Account mobile number in a simple and effective manner.

Step-1: Download HDFC Mobile Number Change form PDF from official website of HDFC Bank

Step-2: It will look like this:

HDFC Mobile Number Change Form Pdf

Take a print out of this form

Step-3: Fill the form completely and put your signature in the end

Step-4: Go to your HDFC Bank home branch along with dully-filled application form

Step-5: You may also required to bring ID proof documents with you

Step-6: Submit the application form to the branch Manager

After this, he will perform some verification of documents and data. If all goes well, soon your request to change registered mobile number in HDFC Bank Account gets updated.

2. Use HDFC Net Banking Service to Change Your Number

Step-1: Login to HDFC Bank Net Banking

Step-2: You will see Update Contact Details option on the top right of your Home Page. Click on it

Step-3: Click on Update Email ID and Landline Number option present on the left menu 

Step-4: A form will appear in which you will see EDIT Option in front of Land Line Number. Click on it

Step-5: Enter the number with STD codes

Step-6: Confirm the number by re-entering it again and submit it

**Please note, you can not change registered mobile number in HDFC Bank Account through Net Banking. But you can change the landline number of Office or Residence.

3. Visit HDFC ATM

There is an option of Update Mobile Number in HDFC ATM. You can update contact number through HDFC ATM also. Simply visit nearest HDFC Bank ATM and insert your card in the ATM machine. You will see this option in the lower end of the screen.

Enter the number and wait for an OTP on the currently registered mobile number. Once you enter the received OTP on the screen, you will be asked to enter the New Mobile Number. Re-enter the number to confirm the same.

And thats’s it. You have successfully changed registered mobile number in HDC Bank Account.

4. HDFC Mobile APP

Go to the profile set up/manage a/c settings or other services and update your mobile number. If this facility is not available in your HDFC Mobile App, make a request through E-mail. You can send a mail to the bank manager to update you mobile number. If all goes well, the bank will update your number within a week.

For any query, you can speak to HDFC Bank Customer Care Numbers.

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