How to use Yes bank Whatsapp banking | What is Yes bank Whatsapp banking

If you already have an account with Yes Bank and want to set up WhatsApp banking in Yes Bank then this blog is for you. This article will help you activate Yes Bank WhatsApp Banking.

This article will explain in detail What is Yes Bank WhatsApp Banking? How do you start WhatsApp Banking at Yes Bank? Stay tuned for more information about WhatsApp Banking at Yes Bank.

What is Yes Bank WhatsApp Banking and how can it help you?


WhatsApp is now available on every smartphone. Yes Bank offers WhatsApp banking so customers don’t have to visit the bank to do small banking tasks. You can also do many banking tasks on your phone from the comfort of your home.

WhatsApp Banking can be used by Yes Bank customers who also have WhatsApp installed on their phones. This allows you to manage many small and large banking tasks from your home.


How do I start Yes Bank WhatsApp Banking?

First, you need to install Yes Bank app on your phone. You can either use the Play Store if you’re an Android user or the App Store if you’re an iOS user.


Once the Yes Bank app has been installed, you will need to open it. You will then see the option to use WhatsApp Banking. Click on the link to be taken to your WhatsApp.


You will now see Yes Bank WhatsApp on the phone. First, you need to send Hi. Once you have sent Hi, you will see many options for Yes Bank WhatsApp Banking.


If you wish to see the balance of your account you will need to send a letter. Once you have done that, a link from Yes Bank will appear on your WhatsApp. Click on the link. This will take to the Yes Bank login page.


Enter your customer ID here, enter your registered mobile number below, and click on I agree to send OTP.


An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone after this. Enter OTP here and then click on Verify. This will take you back to WhatsApp. You can now check your account balance by clicking here.


If you wish to go to the main menu, you will need to press the # button. You will see all available options. Click on 2 to see your most recent transaction. Click on 4 to order a checkbook. This will allow you to access any information within your WhatsApp.

What are the benefits of Yes Bank WhatsApp Banking?

Below are the options available in Yes Bank’s WhatsApp Banking. Send the serial number to find out more about each option. Press 1 to check your account balance, and 2 to view recent transactions.


  1. Check your Account Balance
  2. View the Most Recent Transactions
  3. Loan against Fixed Deposit (FDOD).
  4. Book Order Cheque
  5. Zimmedari se Tayyari
  6. Contact us or write to us
  7. Apply for Products & Services
  8. Report an unauthorised transaction
  9. Redeem Rewards Points
  10. Locate ATM/Boston

This option may also change over time.

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