What is Bank of Baroda(bob) Whatsapp banking and how to use it

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Bank of Baroda launches WhatsApp Banking: Everything you need

  • Bank of Baroda’s WhatsApp banking service is available to customers and non-customers
  • Simply save BoB’s WhatsApp Number 8433888777 to your contact list

Bank of Baroda has launched banking services via WhatsApp. WhatsApp services include balance inquiry, mini statement and cheque status enquiry. They also offer cheque book request, blocking debit cards, information about Bank’s products and services, as well as register/apply to digital products.


This initiative will strengthen the Bank’s digital presence and provide ease for its customers from the convenience of their own homes. There are many benefits to the service, including 24X7 access to banking services, no additional requirements for application download, easy accessibility and convenience for all customers, and availability on both Android as well as iPhone without additional charges.

This platform is also available to non-customers for questions about Bank products, services, branches, ATMs, and offers. Customers can access banking services via WhatsApp because they are familiar with the solution and it is easy to use.

A.K. Khurana, the Executive Director, stated that “We are constantly working towards introducing simple, innovative banking solutions using the latest technologies.” We believe WhatsApp banking will be a great option for our customers, as it is easy to use and meet their banking needs.


How to activate Bank of Baroda bank services via WhatsApp?


1) RegisterSave Bank’s WhatsApp Business Number 8433888777 in your Mobile Contact List


2) Send a message:Use WhatsApp to send “HI” to this number and start the conversation

You can also click on this to initiate conversation on Bank’s WhatsApp.


Bank of Baroda Whatsapp banking FAQs:

I have an account with Baroda Bank but my WhatsApp number is not linked with my account, so can I use WhatsApp banking?

Yes, even if your number is not linked with your bank account, you can still use Baroda WhatsApp Banking but you will not be able to get personal information about your account. To check your account details like balance, statement and credit card limit you need to register your mobile number with Baroda Bank.

I am not a Baroda Bank customer. Can I still use WhatsApp Banking?

Yes, even if you are not a Baroda Bank customer, you can still use this WhatsApp Banking to inquire about any common Baroda Bank services.


I had deactivated Baroda WhatsApp Banking, so can I activate this service again?

Of course, even if you had deactivated Baroda WhatsApp Banking, you can still activate this service again.


Is Bank of Baroda WhatsApp Banking safe?

Yes, BARODA WhatsApp Banking is absolutely safe. All the messages sent and received on WhatsApp are protected by end to end encryption, so the messages sent to you are encrypted, so you do not need to fear in this but yes, you can share any of your personal information on WhatsApp like PIN and never send password.


Are there any additional charges for using Bank of Baroda WhatsApp Banking?

No, there is no charge whatsoever for registering with Baroda WhatsApp Banking or for using this service. This service is absolutely free.


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