Transfer money from SBI ATMs to ATMs at Other Banks

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Navigation through the right sources is a key part of financial processes. These things were previously done by traditional methods that required visiting many of the bank’s physical addresses.

However, things have changed as online banking makes it easier to do these transactions. This has made it much easier to use debit/credit cards.

It’s advantageous

Although web banking and mobile banking are new ways to transfer money, the practice of transferring funds through ATM cards is still very common. This money transfer method is available for both nationalized and private banks.

We will now show you how to transfer money from SBI ATM/Debit card to other accounts. SBI was chosen because it has the largest customer base.

SBI ATM Card Transactions

We should mention that the State Bank of India only offers financial transactions for their ATM Cum Debit Cards. Transferences to any other ATM or Debit card are not possible. The steps below will help you make it easy.

These are the steps to transfer from SBI Atm:

1. You must first insert the SBI Debit card ATM card at any ATM centre.

2. Select the language you prefer to see on the screen.

3. You are asked for your PIN and then you click “Next”.Yes“.

4. Follow the “Transfer The descending line-up offers the “” option. It is usually located in the lower part of the ATM display.

5. 5.Card to Card Fund Transfer

6. Now, provide the Number of the debit card The name of the recipient. The number is generally composed of 19 digits.

7. The Debit Card Number must be provided twice by the recipient.

8. When it asks, enter the amount you wish to transfer to the recipient and click “Correct“.

9. The ATM machine will now ask you to confirm the amount you are sending. Click “Yes Click ” to confirm.

10. It now asks you about your account type. Select the account type you want to use, Savings or Current. Select saving account to complete your transaction. Now, collect your cash. Do not forget to get the receipt slip.

Several cases are involved in the transaction:

It’s about taking the right steps. You can leave the ATM only when the transaction completion message is displayed. You can specify the exact amount. It is also possible to see it through your Credit accounts.

ATM to ATM Money Transfer Limit and Time

Up-to-date: It is important to note that sending Rs. The transaction can be used to send Rs. 40,000 in one transaction. A user cannot send more than Rs. The entire process takes less than a day. This means that you can transfer Rs. This will give you a total of 40,000.

You can make as many transactions as you like, but not more than 40,000 per day. The amount will be transferred immediately.


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