What is ICICI Whatsapp banking and how to use Whatsapp banking with ICICI bank

How to use WhatsApp Banking with ICICI Bank

Are you interested in learning more about WhatsApp Banking and how it works? If you want to learn more about WhatsApp Banking in ICICI Bank then this article is for you. Your whole banking experience could be changing.

You have to have used internet bank at least once. Mobile banking is also possible. Did you also know that ICICI Bank has now launched WhatsApp Banking.

WhatsApp banking is now available at ICICI Bank. It is easy to use and you don’t have to do much. The entire process is simple and can be used by anyone.


This is the best part: you don’t have any need to download any type of app. You can access your ICICI Bank account via your WhatsApp. Let’s now see how icici banking whatsapp banking works.


How do you activate WhatsApp Banking with ICICI Bank

First, enter icici whatsapp bank in your browser. You will then need to visit the official website at ICICI Bank. You will then see this interface. As you can see below.

The whatsapp banking number for icici bank will be displayed above. You will need to save the number 8640086400 on your phone.

You need to now open your Whatsapp. After refreshing the contact, go to the contact again and then open the ICICI Bank number.


Now, you need to send Hi! to ICICI Bank right away. You’ll receive the ICICI Bank meal plan immediately. The image can be seen below. Here you can get the services of ICICI Bank based on your requirements.


How to use WhatsApp Banking in ICICI Bank


Banking Services (balance/history, credit card limit): This service allows you to access information about your account balance, check your credit card limit, as well as your last three transactions.

You will need to send a copy of balance, bal, or AC bal to verify your account. Once you are done, you can take a screenshot to see the balance.

This allows you to view the history of your previous three transactions. You can use keywords such transaction, stmt and history to do this. As soon as you write to your bank, the message will be delivered immediately.


This is not all. You can also check your credit cards limit using the cc-limit or cc-balance keywords.


Block my card / Unblock it – If you have an ICICI credit card, this option will allow you to block and unblock credit cards.

To stop your credit card from being charged, you can use the block keyword or use unblock.


Instant loans and credit cards just for you – This option allows you to get an instant loan from ICICI Bank. The bank offers instant loans.


InstaSave account – InstaSave is a quick and easy way to open an ICICI bank icici instasave accounts in under 4 minutes.

Offers near me (dining/shopping) – Here you will find offers related to dining or shopping.


Other Services (ATMs/deliverables and interest rates) – To learn more about any service provided by ICICI Bank you can click here.

EMI Moratorium – If your loan is in ICICI Bank and you are unable to pay it, the bank can give you time to repay the loan. The bank will take interest from your loan for this period. You will have to pay more interest the longer you wait for EMI Moratorium.


Find Nearby ATMs – This option allows you to find ATMs within 5km.


Newspapers and Magazines – To receive information from ICICI Bank you need to write 9 then be asked to select what you are interested in reading. Then, you can send it either by writing magazine or newspaper. The magazine or news article will be sent to you. Which you can read.


You can stop the WhatsApp alert sent by ICICI Bank via SMS. Simply text OPTOUT and send it to 9542000030.

What are the features of ICICI WhatsApp Banking

You can get 9 different services from ICICI Bank like:

  1. Banking Services (credit card limit, history, balance)
  2. Unblock/Block my card
  3. You only get instant loans and credit cards
  4. Open InstaSave accounts
  5. Get deals around me (dining, shopping )
  6. Other Services (ATMs and deliverables, interest rate )
  7. EMI Moratorium
  8. Look for stores nearby
  9. Newspapers & magazines


Who can access the ICICI WhatsApp banking facility?


You need to meet the following conditions in order to be eligible for the ICICI WhatsApp banking service:

  • The customer must reside in India.
  • The customer must physically be in India.
  • Customer should have an account at ICICI Bank.
  • The bank should register the customer’s mobile number.


Even if there is no account with ICICI Bank yet, you can still use some of the features such as offers, ICICI Bank ATMs or branches near you.




I hope you are now familiar with how to use WhatsApp Banking in ICICI Bank. If you still have any questions related to ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking, you can comment below. Let him also know about this wonderful service so he can take advantage.

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